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Bios A03

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Alienware M11x BIOS A03 Release Note

Project Name: Alienware M11x
BIOS Revision: A03
EC Revision: 1.03
BIOS Checksum: 12E48DB6
ROM Checksum: 12BA418B
Phoenix kernel code Rev:1.107
MRC code Rev: 2.9
UMA VBIOS Version: Intel 1932
VGA BIOS Version: NVidia-GE1 v70.16.2D.00.F7 (DevID:0A29)
Build Date: 04/14/2010
Release Date: 04/14/2010

Add "No execute" enable/disable option in BIOS setup menu.
Add Intel logo on BIOS POST splash screen.
Add solution to avoid top swap issue occurred.
MOdified BIOS version to A03
Update Fan speed to 3600 RPM in the first 3 secs.
Remove 4600 RPM in Fan table.
Modify battery authentication function.
Modified EC version to 1.03

Fix [DF363863] can’t keep battery charging “disabled” in BIOS on DC mode after reboot.
Fix DPC issue with ACPI.sys which reduces battery polling.
Fix wireless NIC not being enabled by default.

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